> aprenda a fazer cocaína



“What you’re getting here is a stupid story about a stupid little boy. A stupid true life story about nobody you’d ever want to meet. Picture this little spaz being about waist high with a handful of blond hair, combed and parted on one side. Picture the icky little shit smiling in old school photos with some of his teeth coming in crooked. Picture him wearing a stupid sweater striped blue and yellow, a birthday sweater that used to be his favorite… His favorite food, fucking corn dogs.”

Choke, do Palahniuk. Que vai ter até um filme aí no piscinão.

Não obstante:
15 camisetas boas pra um mugshot


6 Responses to > aprenda a fazer cocaína

  1. alisson says:

    gosteiii querro aprender

  2. renan says:

    quero aprende a fazer pq eu sou um grande usuario dela ador a pasta bazer

  3. H2o alfonso profile…

    […]> aprenda a fazer cocaína « FREEKO[…]…

  4. Mitch says:

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